Chief Dr EC Iwuanyanwu praised Radio East management staff for their unique brand




Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu is a house hold name in Nigeria especially in South East. He thanked the management team of the formost online Radio in South East, The Radio East during an online interactive session of the Radio phone in Program, “Reintegration For Sustainable Development of South East, The Radio East Regional Development Series.

Chief Iwuanyanwu while thanking the Executive Producer Obinna Sixtus Nwoke for being a voice that stood against the ills of Nnamdi kanu, advised that the tempo need to be sustained with an awareness campaign against hard drugs which according to him is destroying our Youths.

In recent times, news of substance abuse among youths and adults has continued to filter out from virtually every part of the country.For instance, not long ago, a teenager, who was an apprentice vulcaniser gave up the ghost after taking an undisclosed number of Tramadol tablets and sniffing rubber gum. He was reported to have died instantly.
This was after a Junior Secondary School (JSS) student in Ikeduru Local Council of Imo State, also lost his life after he allegedly took 10 tablets of Tramadol to enhance his performance during his school’s inter-house sports competition, where he was billed to compete. He died shortly after taking the drugs.

As the menace of drugs abuse in the country gets worse by the day, sensitive substances that should never be toyed with are finding their way into the hands of many, causing immense damage in the society. Ahaejiagamba Ndigbo said that he is of those deeply saddened by the malaise caused by unregulated access to drugs by our youth in almost all the villages in South East.


Chief Iwuanyanwu who told Radio East correspondent in an interview that drug intake seems to be the current craze among students, including undergraduates, linked drug abuse in the country to unmanaged stress and difficulties that comes with surviving in the country.
One of the reasons why youths take hard drugs is the easy availability of these drugs, which they believe would help them to forget the stress and difficulties they are facing.”

He pointed out that one of the best ways of stemming more youths from foraying into the sad venture is “through sensitisation; telling them about the dangerous effects that hard drug consumption has on them, and also letting them know that taking drugs will just make them forget their problems for a short while, but would never solve them. They must be made to understand that facing their problems headlong is what would bring about expected solutions.”

He further added that we can wean our youths, who are already into drugs, “by trying to find out their reasons for venturing into such habit. Once this is done, counselors should try and tackle these reasons because different people have different reasons for venturing into different things. Sadly, some youths often justify binging on drugs by pointing at certain celebrities that are also into drugs. It is easy to hear them say, if this person can take drugs why can’t I?”He advised Radio East as a corporate intervention platform in south east to immediately commence a summit against hard drugs and substance abuse. According to him, those who are going to take over from us are killing themselves before time, who will take over from us if we die?

He admonished Radio East never to relent in their quest for truth and peace in South East. He prayed for continued strength upon them.

In his response, the executive producer Obinna Sixtus Nwoke assured the elder statesman that Radio East is a child of necessity who emerged at a time when Radio Biafraud was busy deceiving the present Igbo generation. We fought them with truth, and today, we have chased them out of the air space.
Having achieved that, we shall look into your very wonderful suggestions on drug and substance abuse, and find a way of sensitizing our youth on the dangers of hard drugs.
Although it is not easy because we fund our activities by ourselves, but we are hopeful that through God’s abundance grace, we will continue to serve our people for the good of South East.

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