Go about your normal business, Igbo Youth Group urges Easterners


The leadership of a pro peaceful coexistence group, the Movement Against Dissidents In Nigeria has urged the people of South East to disregard the fraudulent noise of Mazi Nnamdi kanu urging them to sit at home tomorrow 31st May 2021.

According to the Convener of this group Obinna OSITADIMMA Nwoke, Nnamdi kanu has no locus to issue a sit at home threat. Our people are majorly business people, Mondays are the beginning of business week and as such any thing that would prevent our people from going about their normal businesses should be totally disregarded.

The Convener called on all Igbo Youth, women, CSO’s to join forces together and stamp out these retards in our midst. Enough of this charade. This is a scam taken too far to the detriment of our economic development.

Rising from an interactive stakeholders meeting at Enugu this evening, the Movement Against Dissidents In Nigeria agreed on the following.

1. They commended the governors of Ebonyi and Imo for urging people to disregard the sit at home order and go about their normal businesses.

2. That Youth and Women should mobilize in their thousands in protest against the incessant actions of Nnamdi Kanu which is costing our region more harm than good.

3. That the military and police should be professional in carrying out their duties of security.

4. They gave Nnamdi kanu 21 days to call his members to order as they are not going to accept this killings of innocent people any further.

The Radio East correspondence who covered the event appreciated the super conduct of this group numbering over 50 members in attendance. Radioeast appreciated the group for the good work they are doing in South East through constant engagement of stakeholders, telling the gullible youth the truth about the occultist scam Nnamdi kanu.

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