The Convener Movement Against Dissidents In Nigeria, Obinna Osita Nwoke and his team gave a message of hope and encouragement to members of a community in Owerri Imo State capital yesterday before heading to Enugu for their regular town hall meeting with community stake holders. This was as a result of the barbaric activities of enemies of peace who are terrorizing communities in Imo especially police facilities.


Imo people were greeted with scores of killings, demolition of security and correctional facility/ freeing of thousands of inmates at the wee hours of Easter Monday.

Series of such attacks have followed up at Ehime Mbano, Orji, Ukwu Orji etc.


He admonished members of the communities to stay vigilance and report any worrisome movement to security agencies immediately. He called on collaboration between local vigilante, traditional rulers and states agencies on security. He assured of his Movements commitment to intensify state wide advocacy despite the threats and associated intimidations.


“How can you decide to burn down your villages and towns , because of your hatred for an indigene of Daura,who will soon go back to his village in just 2 years time , I wonder where you and those who support this foolishness will run to ,

When you turn your village to war zone ,be mindful your ageing parents and relations will be caught in the fire you ignited ,


I can assure you ,those who cause the whirl wind shall not escape the darkness that will follow, only a demented fool brings fight to his compound , keep hailing them , keep hailing scoundrels who have no stake ,even if the country of Eldorados is created ,


When you finish destroying your community and you finish turning it to a danger zone, all of you should pack your load and run to Lagos and start shouting Lagos is no man’s land. Or run to port Harcourt to decide for them ,that they must be biafra , or you force them to belong to your illusionary country of Eldorados,

Ndi nzuzu.


Destroy everywhere because you are fighting Buhari and your Governors . I am clapping for you people.

Continue your nzuzu iberiberism . I will be watching and laughing , your messiah will sit in.His comfort zone to beg for relieve materials from donor nations for you, honestly goats get and wisdom more than Una”.

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